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horse fly net
Horse Fly Net™

This barrier against flies, sun and birds in the barn is a sturdy net which is custom made for any opening and will last for years. It is a curtain for barns, easy to install and comfortable for horses. This net will create a shade that discourages flies and makes horses cooler and happier.

hay shade

This is a solution to sun and weather bleaching hay in storage sheds and hay barns. This heavy duty hay protection with reinforced hems will last for years but is porous to allow the hay to breathe. It also serves as protection for equipment sheds, keeping out snow and birds

Compost Cover
Compost Cover

Compost Cover is a net of a strong mesh that when placed over a pile of manure expedites the decomposition process. It will produce compost when air and water can pass through the net to help keep the interior temperature at the optimal 140 degrees Fahrenheit. The net also creates a barrier to flies and reduces their breeding.

croup cover
Croup Cover

Trail riders will appreciate this sturdy net over the back of their horse during the season of biting horseflies and stinging insects. The net is breathable and easy to hose off. A good protection from the sun. Soon to be reviewed in the Horse Journal.

magic mat The ultimate picnic blanket
Magic Mat™

The Magic Mat was an invention of the RV campers who required an outdoor RV mat that did not kill the grass. This RV Mat is made of recycled lawn chair fabrics in the USA. Its multicolor strips make it attractive for outside trailers at horse shows, trail riding and tack stalls. Great for resting Polo players mallets 10 ft x 8 ft

bott stone
Bot Stone™

The Bot Fly lays yellow eggs on your horses legs. This product makes scrapping those eggs off easy and safer than a knife. It is rounded and comfortable in right or left hand. It can also be used for shedding out horses in the spring. Made of recycled material in Wisconsin. PO Box 294 Free Union, VA
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